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Account/Membership Questions

Q: How do I become a member?

A: Click [Login Member] in the upper right corner of [Home], jump to the login screen and click [Register Member] at the upper left,

You can log in to LINE to register or enter basic information to join the membership step by step, and you are welcome to become a member of Luren and Loach Grocery Store.

Q: What should I do if I forget my password?

A: If you forget your password, please click [Member Login] in the upper right corner, then click [Forgot Password] below, and then enter your registered email.

The system will immediately send a [password reset notification letter] to your registered E-mail, please receive the email and click the link in the email to reset your password.

Q: How to change personal information and password?

A: Please click [Member Center] in the upper right corner, use LINE to log in or enter your account and password,

After logging in, click [My Account] to modify it. Here you can change the E-mail, password or recipient address information that you have set.

Shopping process description

Q: This is my first time shopping at the Deer Man and Loach grocery store:

A: Join Member▶▶Select product▶▶Add to shopping cart▶▶Confirm purchase product▶▶Select delivery and payment method▶▶Order completed

Q: This is not my first time shopping at the Deer Man and Loach grocery store:

A: Login as member▶▶Select product▶▶Add to shopping cart▶▶Confirm purchase product▶▶Select delivery and payment method▶▶Order completed

❋Remind you that adding a product to the shopping cart does not complete the order, the shopping cart does not have the function of keeping product inventory, and the product inventory allocation will be based on the checkout sequence.

Shipping/Payment Questions

Q: Can I ship to Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, and other overseas regions?

A: Yes, please read the overseas delivery instructions before placing an order, and SF Express will be used for cash on delivery.

When checking out, please choose SF Express for overseas delivery and fill in the receipt information properly.

*Hong Kong logistics companies cannot assist with delivery recently, please forgive me*

Q: May I ask the shipping date?

A: After receiving the order, it will be shipped within 10 working days (excluding public holidays and national holidays)

Home delivery: 2~3 working days after shipment (Hsinchu Logistics does not deliver on Sundays)

(The actual delivery time is mainly based on the logistics and distribution situation. 
In case of the peak logistics period during the New Year, the delivery time may be extended)

Supermarket: 2~3 working days after shipment

Overseas: 3~7 working days after shipment

Q: How to check the processing status of the current order?

A: On the home page, please click [Member Center] in the upper right corner, 
enter your account number and password to log in, 
and then you can check the processing status of the order.

Q: How can I confirm whether the product has been shipped?

A: After shipment, the status of the order will be changed due to the delivery progress of the assistants, and the delivery number will be displayed on the order after shipment.
Please use the order inquiry to confirm the shipment status.

Q: After the order is established, can I cancel, add, modify the quantity and size of the product, or combine the order with free shipping?
A: In order to avoid affecting the rights and interests of other fans and to speed up the delivery, [modifications cannot be accepted after the order is sent],

Please forgive us that we are unable to "modify", "add-on" or "combine" the order items for you.

If you need to cancel the order, please confirm whether the delivery status is [In stocking] in the order.

If the delivery status is [In Shipment], please use the [Message System] to contact us, and the assistants will handle it for you as soon as possible.

Q: ATM transfer problem, how to confirm whether the transfer has been successful?

A: After the transfer is successful, the order status will be displayed as paid, please go to the order inquiry to confirm.


Q: I have paid by transfer, why is the order still unpaid?

A: Please confirm on your transfer receipt that the amount is transferred out and whether there is an error message, and please pay attention to entering the correct remittance account.

❋Note: The remittance account number for each order is unique. Please follow the steps after confirming the order and make the transfer according to the displayed remittance account number.

After the transfer is completed, the order status will be displayed as [paid]. If you have any questions, please go to the order inquiry to confirm.

Q: I have completed the payment using the supermarket barcode, why does the order still show unpaid?

A: Due to the relationship between the supermarket and the supermarket system, there will be a delay of 3-4 days to enter the account.

Please check the order status again after 3-4 days to confirm whether it is displayed as [paid].

Commodity problem

❋Please read carefully before purchasing the product:

The product entity may have a slight color difference due to the material, the color of each screen monitor and the photo shooting environment. 
If you mind, please consider carefully before purchasing.

❋ It is impossible to specify a date for shipment. If you need a gift, it is recommended to buy it in advance.

Return and exchange instructions

❋Note: Return and exchange services are available within 7 days (including holidays) after receiving the goods.

More than 7 days will not be accepted. (If the product has been washed, exposed to water, vandalized and soiled, it will not be accepted for return or exchange)

❋Once any defective products caused by man-made damage, such as deliberate contamination, will be added to the blacklist and the right to return or exchange the product will be cancelled!


Q: What should I do if I receive a defective item?

A: Every product will be shipped after strict quality control inspection by the assistant, but there may still be defects that are not easy to identify or find.

It caused fans to feel lost when they received the goods. I would like to apologize to fans first, and I also ask fans to trust that the assistants will actively handle the follow-up process.

And give our hard-working assistants encouragement!

If you receive a defective product, please use the [message system] in the order to contact us within seven days of receiving the product.

Please trouble the fans to send the goods back, and the assistant will deal with them as soon as possible after receiving the goods.

If it takes more than seven days after receiving the goods to report that the defective goods are received, the goods will not be replaced.

The exchanged goods and return shipping will be sent within 7-14 working days after receiving the exchanged goods.

❋Be sure to contact the assistant in [Message System] to confirm whether the product is in stock before sending it back. If the defective product is out of stock, it cannot be replaced.

We will pay for the return shipping and give you a full refund.

❋ What if I receive the wrong or missing item?

A: Due to the large volume of shipments during the pre-order period, it is inevitable for the assistants to send the wrong or missing products.

If fans receive the wrong product, please use the [message system] in the order to contact within seven days, and the assistant will deal with it as soon as possible after receiving the message.

❋ What if I need to return it?

A: Please return the [completely packaged products with unbroken packaging + hangtags and other related gifts and documents] together. If the gifts are missing or damaged, the refund will not be completed.

And click "I want to return" in the order, after the product is completely packaged, use 711 Return to send the package back.

It takes 7-14 working days to process refunds or exchanges. Please wait patiently. If there are special circumstances, we will take the initiative to contact you.

❋ Please do not send back the exchanged goods without contacting us, so as not to cause no goods to be replaced or damage to other fans' rights.